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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia and I am a quantum physicist working on large-scale photonic quantum computing. On top of my (obvious) interest in quantum physics, I am interested in how science becomes technology, i.e. how we can architect large complex systems that perform abstract tasks from basic principles. I am also an avid reader, novice trail runner, wannabe yogi and amateur violinist.

I started this blog fresh out of grad school, with the intention of using it as a platform to improve my writing by way of explaining scientific news and topics. I am very curious about possibly too many things, and have found that the best way to learn and retain is to write. It forces me to structure my thoughts in a logical way and find the inevitable holes in my understanding. That is the basic tenet of what I write here, things I have learned, things I’m curious about, things I’m trying to understand.

As part of my quest to understand things better and, in the process, make things clearer for others, I wrote an O’Reilly book: Programming Quantum Computers. I will blaim this project for the long gap of posts between 2017 and 2019 🙂

The views and opinions expressed in this site are completely my own, and don’t reflect those of my employers or collaborators.

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